Those who want to invest look for logistics and technological infrastructure, good governance practices, business diversity, qualified professionals and high development rates. Uberlândia meets all the requirements and potential for those who want to invest.

Uberlandia has a strategic location, allowing access to international markets and connecting five important economic poles of the country: Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Goiania and Brasilia. The city has a large national and international business groups and due to the logistics infrastructure, holds some of the biggest wholesalers and distributors. With entrepreneurial culture, complete infrastructure and a huge consumer market, the city has its doors open to your investment.

Airport 15 minutes from downtown

It’s the first of Minas Gerais in passenger handling managed by Infraero and it has the ability to receive large aircrafts.
Located 15 minutes from downtown, the airport has direct flights to the main capitals of the country.

Porto Seco do Cerrado (Cerrado Dry Port)

Uberlandia has the Porto Seco do Cerrado that offers all customs services and connects the city to the ports of Vitoria / ES and Santos / SP, a great competitive advantage for importers and exporters.

Rail network

Uberlandia is an outflow route for agricultural and industrial production and has a rail network that takes our products to the main ports of the country.

Zona Franca de Manaus - ZFM (Manaus Free Zone Warehouse)

The Zona Franca de Manaus in Uberlandia is the only one in Minas Gerais and one of the five in the country to receive, move, stock and distribute industrialized products from Manaus Free Zone, bringing ZFM’s industries closer to the Midwest, Southeast and South of Brazil.

Strong agribusiness

Uberlandia is an important center of transformation and added value in agribusiness due to grain processing, soybean oil production, flour production and animal protein production. It has a long tradition of beef cattle, on the breed of Nelore, Angus, Brahman, Simenthal, Senepol, Bonsmara and others. The local agribusiness has an important dairy basin and major global companies for genetic improvement and research as well as being a hub of production and distribution of agricultural inputs, seed production.


Novo Agro

Novo Agro is a program promoted by the City Hall of Uberlandia that support and encourages small and medium farmers by enhancing and transforming existing actions in the field into commercial activities of high sustainability and profitability.

Diversity of renewable energies

Uberlandia stands out on the national scene for its diversity of renewable energy sources. With an average temperature around 23 degrees, the city is sunny almost all year long. This favours the use of solar energy to supply small, medium and large companies, as well as industries.

In addition to solar energy, the city has hydroelectric, biomass and gas production, with a large supply of energy throughout the year. Uberlandia is among the four cities in Minas Gerais with the greatest potential to generate electricity from biomass, according to Cemig’s ranking and it is the 3rd city in the country with the most photovoltaic connections and is also among the 100 greenest cities  in the world.

Municipal Program for the Promotion of the Beer Sector

The Municipal Program for the Promotion of the Beer Sector (Lawi 12.801/2017) enhanced growth of production and commercialization of craft beer in Uberlândia. Some of the actions to strengthen and promote the growth of the sector are: business regularization, origin and identification stamps, certifications, partnerships and events. By 2019, 11 micro breweries had already been opened, resulting in an investment of approximately 21 million Brazilian Reais.

Come innovate

Pioneer in telecom and technology, Uberlandia is the center of innovative solutions and one of the largest startup ecosystems in the country.
The city is the 3rd in the country with the most intelligent services offer (Teleco 2018) and is among the 30 most connected and intelligent services, considering more than 500 municipalities evaluated (Ranking Connected Smart Cities, prepared by Urban Systems).
The city has public policies to encourage entrepreneurial initiatives. In order to achieve this purpose, an Innovation Board was created, composed by the nucleus of Intelligent and Human City and Innovation Ecosystems, with the aim of improving the municipality’s quality of life by offering innovative solutions. Those who want to innovate are looking for a modern city, open to disruptive projects supported by a solid technological structure.

Innovation Ecosystem

Uberhub is the Innovation Ecosystem of Uberlândia formed by startups, companies, civil society, public authorities and educational institutions, being one of the main communities in the country.

To learn mora about Uberhub acess the link:


Uberlandia is the ideal city for startups, being the first in the interior of Brazil in quantity and the fourth in the country in number of startups per inhabitants, according to ABStartups. The companies created here have conquered national and international recognition on three continents.

Startups found here a positive environment to develop products and services, from business management in the optics segment and petshop to travel expense reimbursement systems and consumer engagement platforms for digital channels.

Polo Tecnologico Sul (South Technological Center)

The city provides adequate actions and infrastructure for about 1,000 companies in the information and communications technology sector, fintech, Mmdtech, telecommunications and management systems.
Actions were taken to implement a high-tech space near renowned teaching and research institutes, aiming to create a collaborative and synergistic environment. The technological center is being deployed in a total municipal area of 152,845 square meters in the Gavea neighborhood.

New business

Institutions as Sebrae and Fiemg offer training and subsidies for companies with focus in innovation. Events like Startup Weekend, Go Minas and national and international missions promote the development of startups from creation to expansion. The city has coworking spaces, in addition to CIAEM, an incubator of the Federal University of Uberlândia.

Intellectual capital

Uberlandia is a center for research and production of intellectual capital. World-renowned colleges and universities promote high-level research, enabling exchanges and partnerships that contribute not only to the intellectual and professional growth of students, but also for the development of various sectors of the local economy. We have more than 20 higher education institutions and more than 70,000 students.

Come Live

About Uberlândia

A city is not made of buildings and businesses. It’s made of people. And Uberlandia stands out for offering life quality with big opportunities of personal development. Uberlandia’s development model is directly linked to sustainable actions, aiming at the balance between income distribution, city growth and quality of life of the population. Here the springs are preserved and the fountains unpolluted, with excellence in water and sewage treatment, making the city a national reference in water management and quality.

Those who choose a city to live in search of life quality, good location, safety, recognized educational institutions and a city to feel good about. Uberlandia gathers all of that and much more for those who want to live here.

Construction of water station to supply the city until 2060

Considered one of the largest water treatment works in the country, Capim Branco Station (ETA) is a landmark of preventive management in water supply. Expected to go into operation by 2020, it will provide water for more than four times the current population of Uberlândia, serving 3 million people until 2060.

Number 1 in sanitation in Minas Gerais

According to the Trata Brazil Institute, Uberlândia has the best sanitation service in Minas Gerais and the 3rd in the country with the lowest fare service among the surveyed sanitation companies. In addition, the municipality has Selective Collection, Bio-sanitary Landfill, environmental education programs, preservation of springs, revitalization of river banks and implementation of linear parks.

Investments in education for a better city

Uberlandia offers quality education for children and adolescents from elementary to high school, in public and private schools, with 150 thousand students. In the private sector, we highlight schools with Unesco educational methodology and schools with technological and bilingual programming.

Pole in high technology medicine

In the health area, Uberlandia has a medical university among the most popular in the country and large public and private investments in the sector, becoming a national pole of health and telemedicine with remote cardiology care for several countries, with state of the art equipment and artificial intelligence.
With modern services and sustainable practices, the Hospital Municipal e Maternidade (Municipal Hospital and Maternity) was considered the best public hospital in the country in its implementation. It offers quality care with hospitalizations, surgeries and complex cardiac services, as well as examinations.
The HC-UFU (Clinical Hospital of the Federal University of Uberlândia) is the largest hospital providing services of Minas Gerais by the Unified Health System and it serves a population of almost 3 million people from 86 municipalities of the Triangulo Mineiro and Alto Paranaiba, being a reference in quality and technology.

Polo Tecnológico Sul

A cidade proporciona ações e infraestrutura adequadas para cerca de 1.000 empresas no setor de tecnologia da informação e comunicações, com destaque para empresas de fintech, medtech, telecomunicações e sistemas de gestão. Foram retomadas ações para implantação de um espaço de alta tecnologia próximo a reconhecidos institutos de ensino e pesquisa, visando criar um ambiente colaborativo e sinérgico. O Polo está sendo implantado em uma área municipal total de 152.845², no bairro Gávea.

100% accessible fleet

Uberlandia is a national reference in public policies in attention to people with disabilities and became the first city in Brazil with 100% affordable public transport, which was recognized as an example of Good Transport Practice by UN Habitat in 2012. Uberlandia continues to invest in urban mobility with new bus lanes. In addition, it will be the first city in the country to have electric buses running continuously on the public transport fleet.

UN Habitat Award

Uberlandia is recognized by the UN as a model of balanced development and open doors to the world. In 2010 the UN Habitat chose Uberlandia alongside five other cities on the planet as a growing model city with quality of life. Uberlandia is featured in the United Nations guidelines on urbanization and sustainability, from the Urban Standards for a Green Economy series.

Complex Park of Sabiá
Leisure for all ages with arena, soccer stadium, water complex and park with zoo, aquarium and hiking trail.
Park Siquierolli
It is the headquarter of the Cerrado Biodiversity Museum and provides differentiated leisure space for the community and the city's Industrial District.
Municipal Market
It keeps the gastronomic identity and diversity of the city's agribusiness alive.
Municipal Theatre
Designed by Oscar Niemeyer, it has a capacity for 800 people. It hosts theater, musical and dance shows from all over Brazil.
Respect for diversity and openness of new cultures
Uberlândia grows with people from all over Brazil and around the world, who came looking for a city that would welcome them with open arms.
Municipal Museum
Located in the historic building of the Palacio dos Leoes (Lion Palace), it offers free access to students and the population for a true trip into the history of our city.
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Venha descobrir por que Uberlândia está sempre de portas abertas para o mundo.

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